About Brookhurst Wood

Brookhurst Wood is an old brickworks and landfill site on the northern outskirts of Horsham, to the east of Warnham, off Langhurstwood Road.

Brookhurst Wood has helped West Sussex meet its waste management needs for many years.  Formerly a clay pit, used to extract natural Sussex clay for the manufacture of bricks, landfill operations began on the site in 1985. 

Biffa has owned and managed the site for over twenty years and the site already disposes of West Sussex’s non-recycled household waste.  These latest proposals will allow Biffa to continue to meet the County’s waste management needs at Brookhurst Wood over the coming decades in a more environmentally-friendly way. 

The site is well suited to this use and has existing landfill capacity, as well as space to develop Biffa’s proposed Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility, and associated infrastructure. Both West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council recognise the suitability of Brookhurst Wood for new waste management facilities and the site is included in the District and County development frameworks for waste management.

In April 2008 West Sussex County Council’s Planning Committee approved Biffa’s planning application to extend the existing landfill capacity at Brookhurst Wood and to construct a commercial MBT facility on the site.

In September 2008, Biffa was appointed by West Sussex County Council as Preferred Bidder for its Materials Resource Management Contract a 25-year contract for the treatment of non-recycled household waste in the County.  Because of this, we have revised our former proposals for a commercial facility at Brookhurst Wood, so that it can provide a tailored solution for West Sussex’s non-recycled household waste.