Waste as a resource

Waste should be seen as a resource. Our view is that it should be recycled wherever possible and the remaining material used to generate energy. Our belief is that this is the best way forward.

Biffa is a leading integrated waste management business in the UK, operating across the breadth of the waste management value chain. It provides waste collection, treatment and recycling services to local and national customers in the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

We handle over 10 million tonnes of waste every year from over 70,000 commercial customers and approximately one million homes through 17 local authority contracts.

Our mission is to use this waste as a resource and develop and grow our recycling and renewable energy activities. In 2008/09 we recycled over one million tonnes of paper, card, metals and plastics and we had the capacity to generate 112 megawatts of renewable electricity from our landfill gas and anaerobic digestion facilities.