The proposals

Our proposal is to develop an energy recovery facility in Hertfordshire that will produce 34 megawatts of electricity from residual waste – waste left over after recycling and composting. It will divert waste from landfill and provide enough power for 68,000 homes.

Our proposal is not directed at the Hertfordshire household waste contract for which other organisations are currently tendering. Our plans are to deal with the non-hazardous waste produced by the thousands of businesses, shops and industry in the area. The facility will be capable of dealing with 400,000 tonnes per annum of residual waste. This will principally be industrial and commercial waste, the amount of this waste generated in Hertfordshire every year being circa one million tonnes – more than twice the amount created by households.

Around 350,000 tonnes per annum of this type of waste already comes to our Westmill landfill site. If we are successful with our energy recovery facility – which could become operational by 2014 – this will mean much less waste going to landfill and, instead of being buried, it will be used as a fuel to produce electricity.

The landfill operation has consent until 2017 and there are no proposals to extend this timescale as part of the proposed development of the energy recovery facility.

Our proposed facility will comply with the strict environmental requirements of the European Waste Incineration Directive (WID). Its robust legal requirements will be enforced by the Environment Agency that will also regulate the operation. It will utilise proven, best available technology to create energy in the form of electricity.

The technology behind the energy recovery facility will be provided by the international thermal technology company Von Roll Inova who have built nearly 400 similar plants across the world.