Energy facility

The energy recovery facility will be completely enclosed within an environmentally controlled building. Waste will be delivered to a reception area within the building. Automated conveyors will take it to the two combustion chambers where the heat will be used to produce steam to power the electricity generators.

Westmill EfW Artist Impression

Construction is likely to take three years and the facility will have a design life of at least 25 years. The plant will operate to produce electricity continuously.

Westmill Efw CGI

The plant will incorporate state of the art environmental treatment and air pollution control systems to ensure clean emissions to air. Bottom ash from the combustion process will be taken off site, following the removal of metals, to a suitable facility to be recycled as secondary aggregate for the building and construction industry. The separate fly ash will be taken off site for disposal or treatment.

The facility will comprise:

  • A reception hall and bunker for the delivery of waste
  • Moving grate combustion process
  • A boiler hall with two combustion chambers and heat recovery boilers
  • A turbine hall with a steam turbine for the generation of electricity
  • Flue gas treatment with equipment to clean combustion gasses
  • Twin flue stacks to discharge the treated flue gasses
  • Air-cooled condensers for cooling the recycling steam from the generating process.
  • Tanks and infrastructure for the collection and recycling of rainwater
  • A visitor’s centre
  • Office accommodation for staff