About Westmill

Landfill at Westmill started in 1982 and follows the excavation activities of quarry operators CEMEX. The current planning consents stipulate an end date of 2015 for quarrying, with landfill/restoration to be completed 2 years later. The new energy recovery facility would be built on an excavated part of the site currently consented for future landfill.

Westmill Aerial View

Westmill: Aerial View

We propose to develop the energy recovery facility at the Southern corner of the Westmill site, to the North and adjacent to the A10/A602 junction, on an area currently designated for future landfill and adjacent to other industrial buildings.

Positioning the facility here allows the building to be partially located below ground level thus reducing its visual impact. The base of the structure would be some 22metres below the level of the surrounding land. Final details have yet to be agreed but the approximate size of the building will be 160metres long and varying from 75metres to 15metres wide. The height will be between 18 to 46metres. Twin flue stacks, located at the northern side of the building, will be approximately 90 metres high. An artist's impression of the building can be seen on the page "Energey Facility".

Access to the site would be by a new entrance off the A602, approximately half way between the A10 and the existing landfill entrance. The road from the entrance to the facility would be lowered into a cutting with screening banks running parallel with the A602.

Delivery of waste will be as per the current working hours of the existing landfill facility – 0700 hours to 1800 hours Monday to Friday and 0700 hours to 1300 hours Saturday. There will be no waste deliveries on Sundays.

Lorry deliveries to the landfill are unrestricted under the current planning consent but currently average approximately 154 lorries a day. The current quarry and landfill traffic is required to cease by 2015 and 2017 respectively under the current planning permissions. Predicted average daily deliveries to the energy recovery facility are approximately 177 a day, only slightly more than the current landfill.

200-300 workers are expected to be employed during the construction phase with around 40 operational staff employed thereafter on a shift basis.