Westmill EfW

This section contains details of our proposals to develop an energy recovery facility in Hertfordshire to treat residual waste; waste remaining after recycling and composting has been carried out.  

It provides information on our proposals and show how the development of a new energy recovery facility at our Westmill landfill site near Ware, can recover value from waste that would otherwise be landfilled by using it to generate electricity.

Latest Information

In the latter part of 2009 we carried out a public consultation exercise in order to provide local residents and other stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on our initial plans. Following comments received from many individuals, both positive and negative, we are reassessing certain aspects of our plans. This, after all, was the purpose behind the consultation exercise

In particular we are looking at location, site access and the actual building. Furthermore, we will also be having further detailed discussions with our technology providers Von Roll Inova.

Because of the review, we have decided to put back submission of our planning application to later in 2010. We will advise the community and all interested parties when we have decided on the actual submission date.

The Swiss company Von Roll Inova was appointed by Biffa to be responsible for the construction, engineering and execution of all technical systems in the plant. This covers combustion and steam generation, energy recovery, flu gas treatment and emission control.

The company would also be initially responsible for the technical management and operation of the plant.

Von Roll Inova was selected as it has built over 400 similar energy production lines in plants world wide, has a first rate environmental track record and also has an excellent research and development programme. This will ensure that the systems installed at Westmill are the very latest and safest.

Von Roll Inova is currently building the UK's largest energy from waste facility in Bexley, south east London.