West Sussex MBT

Welcome to Biffa West Sussex Ltd’s website about the flagship Mechanical Biological Treatment facility that we are building to the north of Horsham.

In 2009/10, an average West Sussex household produced 632kg of black bag rubbish

We are building this facility as part of a 25-year contract with West Sussex County Council to significantly reduce the amount of non-recycled ‘black bag’ household rubbish West Sussex sends to landfill.

The new facility will manage the County’s black bag rubbish in a much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way, turning it into a resource using tried and tested Mechanical Biological Treatment technology.

We have created this website to provide information on how the facility will turn rubbish into a resource, on the construction works taking place on site and, in time, to provide information on our operations.

Latest Information - January 2011

Since September, works on site have been progressing well. Our contractors have:

  • Drained and removed silt from the north lagoon, as part of this process fish stocks were moved to the existing south lagoon. The north lagoon area is where the Anaerobic Digestion tanks will be placed.
  • Completed construction of a retaining wall to the existing south lagoon
  • Commenced earthworks excavation to prepare the site for the construction of the facility buildings and established a temporary road to divert landfill traffic away from the construction area during the works.
  • Completed the ground anchoring for the Anaerobic Digestion Tanks.
  • Completed the majority of the excavation works for the reception hall pits, where waste arriving at the MBT facility will be delivered.

Other highlights include the cutting of the east embankment and the start of construction for the dryer building basement.

 Construction is under way

West Sussex Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility: Construction is under way

The next phase of works over the coming months will include:

  • Piling works for the new facility buildings
  • Completion of the reception hall pits
  • Construction of the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Tank area and the delivery and installation of the AD tanks.
  • Work will then start on the construction of the main facility building