Waste management

For our customers, waste is no longer rubbish, but a resource that can be recycled or used to create sustainable energy, adding value to their business. It used to be that waste disposal to landfill was the first, and for many the only option. Now it’s the option of last resort. Prioritising recycling and energy generation, Biffa has developed a six-stage process for the management of every kind of waste:

Waste Management Services

Developing a range of fully integrated waste management services and solutions covering virtually all waste types and tailored to our customer's individual needs, designed to maximise resource recovery and minimise waste disposal to landfill.

Collection and logistics

With one of the largest HGV fleets in the country, Biffa is continually developing its massive logistical capabilities to manage the waste collection and removal of individual and mixed materials and making them ready for recycling or energy generation.

Recycling Services

Biffa Waste Management is investing in leading-edge waste recycling facilities - nationwide. Handling a wide range of single stream and co-mingled waste materials, these state-of-the-art plants utilise advanced mechanical and optical sorting technologies to optimise recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint.

Waste Treatment

Our new facilities include mechanical and biological treatment systems. Mechanical treatment is used to separate waste materials for recycling from mixed wastes, and to generate solid recovered fuel from which energy can be recovered. Biological treatment includes anaerobic digestion plants that treat food, catering and other organic waste and yield renewable energy, and compost that can be returned to agriculture. We are also investigating heat treatment systems that utilise innovative autoclave technology to optimise the recovery of renewable energy from an increased range of organic waste materials and substrates.


Our mission to maximise the potential of waste to generate energy is seeing some of the most exciting technological innovations in the industry today. Our current and proposed facilities cover anaerobic digestion (AD) with electricity generation or supply of biogas to the national grid, and a range of Energy from Waste (EfW) systems including biomass combustion, gasification, power generation and combined heat and power systems. Through the establishment of partnerships with leading technology providers we are able to bring to market proven energy recovery technologies and waste management systems that are ready to serve.

Non-recoverable Waste Management

Recycling and treatment processes contain some materials that cannot be recycled or used to recover energy, or arise as by-products of these processes. We will manage the disposal of these waste materials sustainably, recover as much energy in the form of landfill gas combustion as is practical while minimising their environmental impact.

Waste. Until recently, a problem that could be dumped and forgotten. But now everything’s changed.