Our vision and values

Our vision

To be seen by all our stakeholders as managing waste as a resource.

By adopting this vision we are seeking to change the perception of waste being a problem and encourage a change in thinking and attitudes by customers and their employees, other waste producers, government, regulators, communities, the media and all other "waste" stakeholders.

Our values

Purposeful: everything we do is focused on improving the service we give our customers, meeting the challenges of changing legislation and the effective management of environmental impacts; both positive and negative.

Committed: we are passionate about delivering a great service for our customers and we work tirelessly to ensure their expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Forward thinking: we think and act proactively to make sure our business and our customers stay ahead of the game. Responding innovatively to change, we will continuously research, develop and apply appropriate technologies that meet the needs of our customers, the environment and legislative requirements.

Responsible: We will run our business in a financially, environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. Our priorities are to ensure the safety and health of all our stakeholders whilst carefully managing our impacts on the environment and the communities where we operate.

Central to our vision is the acknowledgment that waste is a resource with value
as a re-useable or recovered material and as an energy source