The Power behind Waste

Our strategy is based on transforming Biffa from a landfill operator and waste collection business to an energy-from-waste business. We will achieve this by accelerating our development through a focus on technology and energy production whilst remaining active in recycling. All the changes happening in our business are about working towards achieving our vision and working to our values to shape our decisions and behaviour.

Through defining our vision and values we can understand what Biffa is all about, what it stands for and what it believes in. By having this internal consistency we have the basis to create our brand.

The power behind waste logoThis is the focus of our brand positioning. A powerful arrangement of words which conveys the key message that Biffa is a driving force in the waste industry, while communicating a secondary message that behind the waste collection process, power can be generated from waste - promoting waste as a valuable resource.

Currently this line reflects our desired perception, that Biffa is a major player in the move towards energy-from waste.

In the future, the context of the word ‘power’ will change to reflect Biffa’s status as an established energy-from-waste provider.

Man in energy plant messing with some shiny pipes