Poplars AD

West Midlands Anaerobic Digestion Facility

This section is about the development of an anaerobic digestion facility at our Poplars waste management site in Cannock Staffordshire.

The plant will deal with 80,000 tonnes per annum of food waste in the West Midlands. Planning permission for the facility was granted in November 2009 and construction started in January 2010. We expect to start generating electricity in the Autumn.

The following information sets out the details of the development and how this will put the food waste already being landfilled at the site to better use by creating compost and biogas that will be used to generate electricity. The information, which is available to download, is taken from the planning application submitted in 2009 to Staffordshire County Council and comprises :

  • a fact sheet describing the development which was issued to stakeholders as part of our consultation on the planning application 
  • a list of frequently asked questions about the development
  • drawing showing the location of the plant within the Poplars site
  • a copy of a presentation given to the Poplars Liaison Group

If you have any comments or questions about our proposal, please email us at marketing@biffa.co.uk.