Getting the basics right

The following is a brief overview of the key pieces of legislation that must be complied with by all waste producers and those who manage your waste.

What is waste?

Waste is any substance or object that you discard (or plan to discard). If the substance or object has come from your business (or from your home) it is called “controlled waste” and certain specific legislation applies. This includes all the used and discarded materials from offices, workshops, garages, canteens, shops, pubs, etc.

Complying with the duty of care?

If you discard “controlled waste” then you have a duty to ensure that your waste is managed correctly including:

  • making sure others handling your waste don’t break the law,
  • making sure you keep your waste secure and don’t allow it to escape,
  • when collected, it is by someone who is legally entitled to collect the waste – a registered waste carrier and, 
  • you and the carrier have agreed the description of the waste to make sure it is handled correctly.

The information provided is not an authoritative statement of the law and might not cover all situations that you may encounter. If there are specific circumstances that are not covered then please seek further advice and contact us.