Landfill sites

Biffa is one of the main operators of landfill services in the UK and handles around 7 million tonnes of waste each year through 24 sites.

In the UK we generate over 200 million tonnes of waste from homes and businesses each year. Increasing amounts of this waste is reused, recovered or recycled, in response to EU Directives and Government Acts and Regulations. There are a variety of targets designed to divert waste from landfill and a tax levied on all waste that is landfilled. We are investing heavily in new waste treatment facilities to meet the increased need to re-use and recycle more waste and so that there is less reliance on landfill in future years. Despite these changes, in 2009/10 over 43 million tonnes of waste was landfilled in the UK, down from 54 million tonnes in 2008/9.

Biffa currently operate 24 landfill sites across the UK with a total remaining void of over 60M cubic metres. We also manage over 40 closed landfill sites in addition to our operational sites. By restoring our landfill sites to a high standard and involving local communities both during and after the sites working life, we aim to enhance the local environment by delivering high standards of restoration, robust aftercare systems, encouraging biodiversity and, where possible, facilitating public access and recreation.

We are providing information on a number of these sites which can be accessed via the links on the left of this page. The information includes detail on the development and operation of the site, the environmental control systems employed, and information on any current developments or activities in order to keep stakeholders and other interested parties informed. Information on how to contact us is also included.

Plant operating on a landfill