Landfill phasing and traffic management

In response to local requests we wish to change the approved working direction for landfill operations so that the operations will stay as far away as possible from the housing along Lichfield Road (Heath Hayes and Hawks Green areas) for as long as possible. If the other aspects of our overall scheme, outlined here go ahead we will see a very much reduced input into the landfill.

For the next two to three years we will be working on cells E and F see plan >> If we follow the current phasing we would start infilling cell I next to Lichfield Road in about 2013 and then progress back across the site to cell G.

The Poplars landfill liaison group has asked that we reverse the current plan. After cells E and F are finished we would therefore like to move to cell G and progress northwards towards cell I.

There is no fixed end date for the site which will finish when it is full. If the energy plant goes ahead it will mean a considerable reduction in the amount of waste coming into the landfill. This will delay the site’s progress towards Lichfield Road. Also by the time it does get to cell I waste input will probably be mostly inert – not biodegradable – thus greatly reducing any impact on local housing.

We also wish to change the access for landfill traffic to enable it to use a new access via our energy plant in the Kingswood Lakeside industrial park. About 80% of the lorry traffic would be redirected away from the existing Poplars landfill entrance to the planned energy facility. The only traffic which would then use the existing access off the Lichfield Road roundabout would be deliveries to our AD facility near that entrance (around 30 a day instead of the current 200). Cars using the County Council Household Waste Management site would also continue using that access, which would become much easier with the drop in waste lorry traffic.

Landfill phasing plan (click to enlarge in a new window/tab)

Landfill phasing and traffic management