Overview of our scheme

The Poplars site has been a major regional landfill since the mid seventies. It was originally managed by the County Council. Biffa took over operations in 1999. It takes up to half a million tonnes of waste a year from Staffordshire and other adjoining areas in the West Midlands.

Poplars landfill overhead view (annotated)

Scheme master plan (Click to enlarge in a new tab/window)

Staffordshire and the West Midlands Region currently produces over 10 million tonnes of municipal, commercial and industrial waste each year and this is set to rise to over 14 million tonnes by 2020. Up to 40% of this still goes to landfill. We believe that the waste we collect which cannot be recycled should be used as a resource to generate energy rather than being landfilled. Planning policies for the region also aim to divert as much waste as possible from landfill – at least 3.7 million tonnes, but potentially up to 7 million tonnes if all waste bound for landfill is targeted. Our new anaerobic digestion (AD) and energy recovery facilities could divert over half a million tonnes of waste a year from landfill, which would be a major contribution.

As well as diverting waste from landfill, producing low carbon sustainable energy from non-fossil sources and creating new jobs, our overall Kingswood Energy scheme could save local businesses over £28 million in future landfill taxes.

The above master plan shows all aspects of our proposed scheme - the energy plant on the Kingswood industrial park, the changes to the landfill phasing and traffic movement together with the anaerobic digestion facility.