Kingswood and Poplars schemes

This website contains details of our proposal for a comprehensive scheme involving our Poplars site and adjacent land on the Kingswood Lakeside industrial park in Cannock.

Key points of the scheme are:

  • Revised vehicle access and traffic management for our Poplars landfill
  • Changed landfill phasing to reduce impact on nearby housing
  • An energy plant in the Kingswood Lakeside industrial park
  • An extension to our anaerobic digestion facility
  • Diverting more food and general waste from landfill
  • Producing a total of 40 megawatts of renewable energy, jobs and landfill tax savings
  • Investing over £200 million in “green” technology and providing additional education and visitor facilities

Through our liaison with local councillors and residents, our response to the local “Waste Development Framework” and our stated intent to treat waste as a resource, we have formalised a plan to bring the above linked actions under one comprehensive scheme.

Latest Information

Biffa has now formally lodged a planning application for the energy recovery facility on the Kingswood Lakeside industrial park in Cannock with Staffordshire County Council.

Once the County Council have validated the application documents they will undertake the statutory public and technical consultations before making a decision. If you wish to comment on the planning application you should therefore contact the County Council.

Any comments to Biffa can be addressed to or to our information centre. For details see Have your say.