Environmental policy

Our commitment

Biffa is a leading player in the waste management industry. We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard and positively contribute to the environment and the communities within which we operate. We seek to minimise the impact of our operations and that of society's waste through the way we conduct our business, by promoting sustainable waste management practices and integrating these practices into out business activities.

Our objectives

  • To operate within a framework of values to safeguard and enhance the natural world and protect public health.
  • To target our efforts to reduce our negative environmental impacts by operating comprehensive environmental management systems.
  • To set and publish corporate environmental objectives and targets on an annual basis.
  • To regularly monitor, audit, review and publish our performance to ensure continuous improvement.
  • To meet or exceed our legal requirements, to prevent pollution and comply with approved codes of practice.
  • To involve our employees on environmental issues and raise their awareness of their responsibilities under the law and this policy.
  • To require our contractors to operate the same standards as we do.

Our contribution

  • We promote sustainable waste management - engaging with government and regulators to drive forward standards.
  • We develop innovative services that take society's wastes and convert them into useful materials thereby reducing demand on virgin resources.
  • We promote energy generation from renewable sources.
  • We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimising the landfill gas captured at our landfill sites which we convert to electricity - offsetting demand on non-renewable resources.
  • We actively promote Biodiversity on our landholdings.
  • We continually seek to reduce the impact of our fleet by investing in more efficient vehicles and regularly reviewing the effectiveness of our routing.


  • The CEO together with the Leadership Team are responsible for providing Environmental Leadership.
  • The CEO and the Leadership Team will ensure their decisions reflect this policy statement.
  • The Director Environmental and External Affairs will keep the CEO and the Leadership Team informed of relevant Environmental issues.
  • All our employees have a responsibility to the company and the communities within which we operate to act within this policy.

We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard and positively contribute to the environment